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Our global operation offers truly unique training programmes that you will find exhilarating and unlike anything you have done before!

Launched by a highly successful team of practising UK Barristers, Counsel for Leadership is a consultancy unlike any other. We believe that the vast wealth of knowledge and transferable skills acquired by Barristers through years of training, litigation and courtroom battles can also be applied to any role in any industry to enable individuals and organisations to achieve success. We will develop these key skills in you and your workforce thereby transforming your organisational culture.

Why We Are Unique

We are unlike any other training provider. Each of our trainers is a practising barrister with a proven track record of excellence. The members of our training team have vast experience of deploying the very skills that we teach on a daily basis in the context of a court room where results matter. We take a practical approach to our training ensuring that every participant is actively engaged and takes away a tangible skill from our training. We are proud of our no nonsense, jargon free and above all, practical approach to training.

Our Tutors Are Of The Highest Calibre.

UK trained barristers are universally recognised as the finest advocates in the world. Our select team of trainers consists of leading UK barristers and King’s Counsel (KC). So you will be trained by the best of the best. With decades of experience in high-stakes, high-pressure environments, their leadership and communication skills are second-to-none. Sharply honed expertise in persuading hostile judges, expert witnesses and unsympathetic juries to accept their position is an invaluable transferable skill that will bring you and your organisation immense rewards.

Our Course Content Is Truly Unique

Each programme is designed to equip you with specific skills. In order to meet the aims and objectives of each course, we will work through an array of specifically designed exercises. The techniques and skills you will learn are transferable and can be applied successfully in any context – business, academia or in your personal life.

How You And Your Organisation Will Benefit From Our Training

After training with us, you will return to your organisations upskilled and better prepared to deal with the daily challenges of the workplace. You will come away with knowledge and transferable skills that can be effectively applied to meet your organisation’s challenges and goals. Your organisation benefits by deepening its leadership talent pool, sustaining competitive advantage, and investing in long-term growth. As an individual, you will come away empowered, upskilled and infinitely more attractive in an increasingly competitive commercial marketplace.

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