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Debating Bootcamp

Years 7 & 8

Learn the art of debating from practising barristers.

Why Join Our Debating Club?

We are unique in that our tutors are practising barristers. With sharply honed expertise in persuading judges, expert witnesses and unsympathetic juries to accept our positions, our persuasive and public speaking skills are second-to-none. As barristers, performing well in highly pressurised courtroom settings matters. We have developed highly effective debating programmes based on years of real courtroom experience. 

Why Debate?

Students will learn to develop powerful persuasion and public speaking skills. They will learn to effectively structure arguments, prepare debate cases, use evidence, prepare rebuttals, deliver speeches and refute opponents. They will 

  • Rapidly improve oral and listening skills to become a more focused, effective communicator.

  • Develops key leadership skills such a communication, critical thinking, teamwork and self-management. 

  • Build on emotional intelligence; confidence & assertiveness; and authenticity & resilience. 

Key Benefits

Students will be able to:

  • Organise ideas and articulate thoughts;

  • Use evidence to support arguments effectively;

  • Anticipate counter-arguments and prepare rebuttals;

  • Deliver persuasive speeches;

  • Understand the importance of vocal delivery;

  • Convey the right body language;

  • Present weak arguments with equally persuasive force;

  • Deploy effective listening & questioning techniques;

  • Think on their feet.


12, 19, 26 Sept

3, 10, 17 Oct

7, 14, 21 Nov

Time: 11-11.50AM

Where: Online

Cost: £200.This Programme is offered on a first-come first-served basis.

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