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Equality & Diversity Training

Our Programmes help to raise awareness of acceptable standards of behaviour and activities in the workplace and how companies can operate according to high ethical standards and codes of practice.

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Equality & Diversity Training

Understand the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Programme Objective

Explore issues relating to discrimination, victimisation, and harassment in the workplace. Build confidence and develop tools to deal with such issues should they arise.

Key Benefits

  • Understand the legal framework of discrimination law – who is protected and what this means in the workplace;

  • To ensure understanding of the business benefits and moral case for embracing equality & diversity in the workplace;

  • Explore the challenges of a diverse workforce: how discrimination, harassment, and victimisation occurs and it’s impact;

  • To explore the link between stereotypes and prejudice and discrimination;

  • To build personal awareness of values, beliefs and biases that affects behaviour;

  • Identify the risks of failing to address issues of inequality in the workplace;

  • Increase competence of your workforce to promote equality, diversity and inclusion and deal with dignity at work issues that arise.

Unconscious Bias Training

Reduce the impact of Unconscious Bias on business performance. Learn about this key concept, covering the relationship between implicit associations, stereotypes and individual attitudes toward others, and the impact on organisational and business performance.

Programme Objective

Learn practical techniques that will help to reduce the impact of unconscious bias and create a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

Key Benefits

  • Concepts & theory of unconscious bias;

  • How unconscious bias can influence attitudes and behaviours;

  • Diversity as competitive advantage and innovation;

  • How unconscious bias can shape personal and group decision-making and have an impact on people management processes, organisational culture and business performance.

  • Techniques for participants to use to identify, challenge, prevent and remove areas of unconscious bias in the workplace;

  • Structure for success

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