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Half Term Leadership Bootcamp

Years 5 & 6

Why join the Bootcamp? 

Our highly interactive and empowering Leadership Bootcamp programme will give your child the space to learn a highly practical and comprehensive arsenal of skills. It will lay the foundation to help realise their leadership potential. The range of skills they will learn are adaptable and transferable to any setting, both in academia and their personal lives. They will develop key leadership skills such communication, critical thinking, teamwork and self-management. They will have the opportunity to build on emotional intelligence; confidence & assertiveness; and authenticity & resilience.

Day 1: The Art of Persuasion. Masterclass:  Persuasion is the foundation for every communication or interaction we have. Your child will learn to influence others to buy into their ideas/ viewpoint. Presented with nail-biting courtroom/ trial scenarios, your child will have the chance to act as a lawyer and persuade the judge or jury to accept their viewpoint.

Day 2: Public Speaking, Presenting & Pitching Skills Workshop: Having the skillset to deliver a message is crucial. Your child will learn how to combine the art of persuasion with the requisite delivery skills. Through highly entertaining ‘Dragon’s Den’ style activities, your child will build on becoming a confident and skilful public speaker, presenter & pitcher.

Day 3: Debating Championships: You child will learn to debate like a champion. They will learn to organise ideas and articulate thoughts; deploy effective listening & questioning techniques; assess and use evidence, deliver speeches; and think on their feet. They will take part in a series of exciting and engaging debates to put their skills to the test.

Day 4: Negotiations Contest: Negotiation is the most important leadership skill to possess, where those negotiating are ultimately asking their opponent to agree with their proposition. Participating in exciting ‘The Apprentice’-style tasks, your child will learn how to give and take in tricky negotiations so that every situation is a winning one. 

Day 5: The Ultimate Leadership Challenge: Split into teams, your child will put into motion everything they have learnt over the week. Participants will compete against each other in a series of fun and exhilarating challenges to see who will become the ‘Ultimate Leaders’. Prizes will be awarded.

Why Start From A Young Age? At CfL, we believe that instilling good leadership skills in a child and sets them apart from their peers. The sooner they start, and the more they practice, the better they get. It equips them with an invaluable skill-set for all of life’s challenges.

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