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Leadership Development Programmes

Our programmes deliver what companies need – the ability to optimise organisational performance & competitive advantage.

Our four Leadership Development Programmes are designed to enhance a range of skills within a short time-frame.​ These programmes are designed for professionals and leaders from any industry and organisation around the world seeking to significantly enhance their leadership communication skills within a short time-frame. They are suitable for all levels, from CEOs to senior level managers to newly appointed executives.

Essential Leadership Programme

Our innovative programme equips you with a unique arsenal of skills to achieve outstanding results in any field.

Programme Objectives

Learn closing speech techniques to address leadership challenges; cross-examination techniques to influence others; and direct examination techniques to scrutinise & make better decisions.

Key Benefits

  • Closing Arguments: Persuasive Speeches: Good & bad facts; analysis & explanations; rigour & passion are masterfully woven together into a compelling speech. This technique can address leadership challenges of inspiring and guiding the workforce; articulating organisational strategy; & strengthening brand.

  • Persuading Through Cross-Examination A masterful cross-examination can yield exceptional results, leaving little room for disagreement. It can persuade even the staunchest opponents.

  • Direct Examination: Skilful Scrutiny A trial technique used for scrutiny, it can be used as a management tool to guide & empower; scrutinise decisions; and to generate fresh ideas and solutions.

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Women’s Leadership Programme

Optimise your abilities and turn challenges into career-building opportunities. This programme is for women in any industry.

Programme Objective

Our empowering programme will equip you with a highly practical skill-set that allows you to enhance individual performance and organisational impact.

Key Benefits

  • Personal Leadership Development: Market a personal brand that communicates leadership qualities.

  • The Skilled Negotiator:  The most important skill that breeds success, learn to negotiate effectively. Explore different approaches & develop your own style.

  • Public Speaking & Presentation Workshops: Build rapport with audiences; convey your message with clarity; and use language & body language for impact.

Mock-Trial Team Building Days

Spend a day as part of a fictional team of lawyers either prosecuting or defending a defendant in a mock-trial. With each team member playing a vital role in proceedings, communication is the key to success.

Training Objective

Communicate effectively to deliver high performance, be innovative & more adaptive to market forces.

Key Benefits

  • Key communication skills: public speaking & presenting, ‘negotiating’ & ‘mediating’; persuading & influencing;

  • Manage group dynamics: Outlining decision making processes & structures; dealing with power relations & managing conflict;

  • Facilitate: Enabling group interaction and encouraging inclusivity.

How will my organisation benefit?

Build, lead, manage & drive high performance teams.

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Interview Skills Coaching

Demonstrate your skills and talent under intense scrutiny and pressure.

Programme Objective

Gain the skills you need to secure that sought-after position.

Key Benefits

  • Market a personal brand to communicate who you are and what you have to offer; leverage your interests, motivations, skills and talent to achieve your career goals;

  • Fine-tune your interview technique to get your message across and distinguish yourself from your competitors; show that you are a high potential individual that can bring real value to any organisation;

  • Demonstrate effective leadership, management, negotiation, and presentation skills; show the ability to handle the multiple daily challenges.

Leadership Development: News and Tips
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