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Uncover Your True Potential.
Change Your Life.

Your Choice

Seven Skills That Will Transform You & Your Abilities

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  1. Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Building a Winning Mindset

  2. The Art of Persuasion (Part 1 & 2): How to Influence People

  3. Public Speaking, Presenting & Pitching Skills (Part 1 & 2): Communicating with Confidence

  4. Effective Negotiating Skills (Part 1 & 2): Getting Them to Say ‘Yes’

  5. Conflict Resolution at Work (Parts 1 & 2): Mediate with Success

  6. Interview Skills Masterclass (Part 1 & 2): Communicating Your Brand

  7. Building Powerful Alliances: Networking Your Way to the Top


The range of skills you will learn are adaptable and transferable to any position, industry and profession as well as your personal lives. This is a unique opportunity for individuals to participate in a programme

  • That can be truly transformative and lay the foundational pillars for success;

  • It can enhance your performance at work and help you climb the careers ladder;

  • It can help build the mindset needed to overcome hurdles;

  • Give you the practical skill-set needed to succeed; and

  • To become your best self.

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Ranked in the Legal 500, Sultana Tafadar is a highly experienced human rights, international law and criminal justice barrister. She has unique expertise in high profile counter terrorism & national security cases. She advises on international human rights, international criminal law and humanitarian law issues.



  • Organisation of Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Roster of Experts on Counter-Terrorism;

  • Chair of International Human Rights Law Association;

  • Member of Legal Expert Advisory Panel for Fair Trials International (LEAP);

  • Special Advisor on Human Rights for the Oxford Initiative for Global Ethics and Human Rights;

  • Legal Advisory Panel, People's Review of Prevent.

  • Member of the Detention ExPEERience Community of Avocat Sans Frontieres (ASF);

  • Chair of the Muslim Lawyers Actions Group (MLAG);

  • Head of Strategic Litigation for MLAG.

Skills That Are Taught


The Art of Persuasion (Part 1 & 2): How to Influence People

Persuasion is the foundation of every  interaction we have at work. Whether you need to convince clients to sign a contract, garner support for a proposal, or win new business in competitive bids, persuasive skills are the driving force that will help you accomplish your goals. Through this Masterclass, you will improve your ability to influence others to buy your products, services, and ideas.

Key Benefits

·    Use successful techniques to craft compelling messages;

·    Develop principled and practical arguments;

·    Learn how to structure an argument effectively;

·    Learn to use evidence in support;

·   Identify strengths and weaknesses in evidence and know how to tackle them;

Public Speaking, Presenting & Pitching Skills (Part 1 & 2): Communicating with Confidence

Simply crafting a persuasive argument or message is not enough. Having the skillset to deliver that message is crucial. Learn the skills required to become a highly confident & skilful public speaker, presenter and pitcher. The focus of this session will be on delivery. Through this session, you will how to deliver your thoughts and ideas like a seasoned professional.

Key Benefits

·      Overcome your fears of public speaking;

·      Appeal to an audience by analysing and responding to them;

·       Understand the importance of structure and clarity of message;

·       Understand the importance of vocal delivery & body language;

·       Use visual aids, language, anecdotes and humour for impact.

Business Meeting
Three Coworkers

Effective Negotiating Skills (Part 1 & 2): Getting Them to Say ‘Yes’

Negotiation is the most important business skill that translates directly into successful leadership, business relationships & profitability. In reality, every conversation with a colleague, subordinate or team leader is a negotiation in that you are ultimately asking them to agree with your proposition. This Masterclass will show you how to negotiate and influence any individual in any setting.

Key Benefits

·      Learn principles and frameworks for effective negotiating;

·      Identify flaws in arguments, anticipate opposition;

·      Structure the bargaining process to accommodate joint problem solving, and collaborative fact-finding;

·      Establish legitimacy by presenting standards, principles, and arguments that make an agreement or term feel fairer;

·      Demonstrate flexibility and creativity for better outcomes.

Conflict Resolution at Work (Parts 1 & 2): Mediate with Success

Learn techniques to deal with conflict at work & create a healthy, productive environment. Open and constant lines of communication are vital to team success, particularly when completing quality- and deadline-critical projects. Mediation and conflict resolution skills help to ensure that issues will be spotted and resolved in formative stages, averting escalation.

Key Benefits

·    Understand the causes of workplace conflict;

·    Use strategies and techniques for preventing conflicts from arising;

·    Employ strategies, tools and techniques for effectively resolving conflict situations;

·    Encourage collaborative problem solving.

Business Meeting
A Woman Sitting in a Coffee Shop and Writing

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: Building a Winning Mindset

This is the number 1 reason that holds women back from achieving their full leadership potential. We explore how this may be impacting you and how you can win this battle and control the narrative.

Key Benefits:

  • Recognise your own talents & do not underselling yourself;

  • Know your value & how to state your worth with authority;

  • Being comfortable quantifying your achievements & build on your strengths;

  • Look for alternative positive perspectives & focus on things you can control;

  • Maintain your authenticity, individuality and values.

Building Powerful Alliances: Networking Your Way to the Top

Learn how to establish powerful professional networks both at work and outside of the workplace. Learn to support each other, give and receive critical and positive feedback, and sustain long lasting alliances. This Masterclass will show you how to utilise that network to achieve your personal and professional goals.

Key Benefits

  • Understanding what you need from others;

  • Developing a strategic approach to networking;

  • The ability to cope well with feedback and rejection;

  • The importance of confidence and consistency;

  • A focus on building genuine, long-term relationships.

Woman with Head Scarf
Business Meeting

Interview Skills Masterclass (Part 1 & 2): Communicating Your Brand

Even the most capable of candidates often fail at interviews. They fail to get across their experience, expertise and suitability for the job, despite being head and shoulders above other candidates. Learn how to demonstrate your skills and talent under intense scrutiny and pressure. Gain the skills you need to secure that sought-after position.

Key Benefits

·      Fine-tune your interview technique to get your message across and distinguish yourself from your competitors;

·      Show that you are a high potential individual that can bring real value to any organisation;

·      Demonstrate effective leadership skills and the ability to handle the multiple daily challenges.

·      Market a personal brand to communicate who you are and what you have to offer;

·      Leverage your interests, motivations, skills and talent to achieve your career goals.

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