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Speaking Skills

Our programmes deliver what companies need – the ability to optimise organisational performance & competitive advantage. Each of our 8 Speaking Skills programmes is focused on enhancing a particular skill. Each programme builds on confidence & assertiveness; competence & authority; diplomacy and charisma.
These programmes are designed for professionals and leaders from any industry and organisation around the world seeking to significantly enhance the leadership and communication skills of its workforce within a short time-frame. The courses are suitable for all levels, from CEOs and senior level managers to newly appointed executives.


Public Speaking Masterclass

Become a highly confident & skilful public speaker and win over any audience. Enhance your style & techniques to give a polished performance.

Key Benefits

  • Become a confident communicator;

  • Understand the importance of vocal delivery & body language for impact;

  • Build a rapport with the audience;

  • Overcome your fears of public speaking;

  • Realise the importance of clarity of message;

  • Structure information flow to convey your message powerfully;

  • Adapt content to different audiences;

  • Effectively use language, anecdotes and humour for memorable impact.

Who is this programme suitable for?

Anyone that wants to develop the confidence to deliver speeches well and be memorable.

The Art of Persuasion

Learn to make a convincing argument. Can you convince your audience of your arguments, irrespective of your beliefs? Can you persuade even if the evidence is weak? Learn skills to argue more confidently and with success.

Key Benefits

  • Analyse arguments, understand the difference between argument and rhetoric; to identify errors in them;

  • Develop principled and practical arguments and use evidence in support;

  • Listen & respond to relevant information;

  • Structuring the Argument: how to organise material by headlining and signposting;

  • Persuasion: how to present sound or weak arguments with equally persuasive force.

Presentations Skills Workshop

Win over any audience by delivering your presentations with a whole new level of excellence. Learn strategies and techniques to flourish as a dynamic presenter.

Key Benefits

  • Plan & prepare a persuasive presentation;

  • Select appropriate content and structure material in a compelling manner;

  • Create and effectively use visual aids;

  • Deliver your message, from the screen, with great impact and confidence;

  • Build a rapport with the audience, project gravitas, and have a ‘dialogue’ with them;

  • Effectively use body language, voice and interaction skills to keep people engaged;

  • Learn advanced strategies for handling tough questions & difficult people;

Making the Perfect Pitch

Learn how to pitch a great idea and influence decision-making and investment in your ideas. Learn how to present your ideas as an attractive proposition.

Key Benefits

  • Prepare and structure your pitch;

  • Learn how to build trust with the audience;

  • Bring the focus on you, your company, your product, and your benefits;

  • Demonstrate that your ideas, products, services or business offers solutions;

  • Make a ‘lean’, clear & unambiguous pitch by trimming unnecessary information;

  • Appreciate the use of specific information rather than general statements;

  • Deal with objections and difficult questions.

Image by Force Majeure

The Art of Influencing

Bring even the most difficult of people around using compelling influencing techniques. Gain the skills and confidence to influence decision makers.

Key Benefits

  • Build credibility and rapport with audiences;

  • Prepare beforehand and adopt strategies to state your case convincingly;

  • Identify flaws in arguments; anticipate opposition and know how to tackle them;

  • Adapt communication styles to suit different situations;

  • Deploy listening & questioning techniques to understand others values & build trust;

  • Communicate any opposition to views subtly, diplomatically and positively;

  • Present sound or weak arguments with persuasive force.

Effective Negotiating Skills

Negotiation is the most important business skill that translates directly into successful business relationships & profitability. Learn strategies & techniques to enhance your style.

Key Benefits

  • Plan for successful negotiations;

  • Clarify and estimate your opponent’s interests and navigate diverse agendas;

  • Structure the bargaining process to accommodate joint problem solving, and collaborative fact-finding;

  • Establish legitimacy by presenting standards, principles, and arguments that make an agreement or term feel fairer;

  • Employ effective questioning and listening skills to extract and share information;

  • Demonstrate flexibility and present creative proposals for better outcomes;

  • Know when to co-operate to create value & when to compete to claim your share.

Mediation & Conflict Resolution

Learn techniques to deal with conflict at work & create a healthy, productive environment. Understand the importance of promoting constructive rapport. When conflicts do emerge, learn to mediate.

Key Benefits

  • Use voice, body language, linguistic and listening skills to build rapport;

  • Understand the causes of workplace conflict;

  • Use strategies and techniques for preventing conflicts from arising;

  • Employ strategies, tools and techniques for effectively resolving conflict situations;

  • Encourage collaborative problem solving and gaining consensus;

  • Deal with ‘difficult’ people in difficult situations.

Handling Difficult Questions & Audiences

Learn techniques to effectively deal with the media and other public scrutiny panels. Learn question handling skills to win new audiences for your product, service or point of view.

Key Benefits

  • Understand the agenda of audience;

  • Understand your relationship with the audience and how to build a rapport;

  • Lose the fear of dealing with tough questions and hostile situations;

  • Anticipate & handle tough questions to give the audience a good, positive story, while reinforcing your key messages;

  • Turn difficult situations to your advantage.

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